Sunday, November 20, 2011


The following comes from "Coaching Team Basketball" by Tom Crean and Ralph Pim courtesy of Shane Dreiling's newsletter: 

1. Why do you want to coach? Explain the driving force for wanting to be in the coaching profession.

2.  Are you willing to dedicate yourself 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if necessary for your players and fellow coaches?

3. Is your family willing and able to bear the sacrifices?

4. Are you willing to lead by example in everything that you do? This will require you to live your life in a “fishbowl” with your professional and personal life always open to view.

5. Do you have the personal courage to live by your core values and make tough decisions regardless of the consequences?

6. Are you passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping others improve their lives?

7. Do you possess the knowledge, energy, and tenacity to lead your program to excellence?

8. Are you willing to take full responsibility for everything that happens, or doesn’t happen, in your program?

9. Do you understand that loyalty is a two-way street?

10. Are you entering the profession fully understanding the risks in coaching and knowing that you may be relieved of your job at any time?