Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Each year I know that many of you read my reports from ASTEPUP (A Symposium To Elevate Professionals and  Uplift Performance).  It is strictly designed for women's basketball assistant coaches helping them with a variety of areas that cannot be found at clinics, in books or on video.  Some of the top assistants in the nation (along with some head coaches) provide the teaching.  I have been incredibly honored to have been a present at the first two but can promise you that I came away a better assistant coach from listening and communicating with all that were present.

This year the symposium will be held in Dallas (after stops in Atlanta and Chicago).  The dates for the women's symposium will be April 29 through May 1.

But I think the real exciting news is that for the first time, they will also be holding ASTEPUP for men's assistant coaches.  The location will be the same -- Dallas.  The dates for the men will be May 4-6.  I had a conversation with Felicia Hall Allen and her husband Johnny Allen and they are finalizing an incredible list of presenters -- some of the best in the men's game. 

As soon as they are finalized, I will release them to you through my blog.  But if you are a men's collegiate assistant coach, I'd do everything I could to make plans to be in Dallas -- you have my word that you won't be disappointed!