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Friday, July 5, 2013


When I worked for Dale Brown at LSU, he always tell people that if you want to hire someone that will make things happen for your organization hire a basketball manager.  They have great work ethics, time management skills and understand the essence of team work and sacrifice.  I have always had great relationship with my managers and have marveled at Coach Brown's theory and how it has ring true down the years.

Another thing managers have is talent.  At Texas A&M, one of our managers is a gifted musician.  She can play the piano and the guitar, she writes her own songs and has an amazing voice.

And she has release an album.

All of this unknown to our staff.  She worked hard as a manager, in the class room on her passion -- music...without excuses and assistance.  Those that know no I love music -- almost every genre of music.  Tunes are always blaring my office, car and home. 

And I think Casey Gilbert is really going to be something special!

She is obviously talented and gifted, but just like an athlete she worked at her craft.  She grew up performing around the Houston area then took her talents to Nashville for two years as a student of vocal performance at Belmont University. Having grown up an Aggie, she made the difficult decision to move to College Station to continue her education. While leaving Nashville was a change, she took the opportunity to focus on writing and was honored to win the Texas A&M division of the Texas Heritage Foundation Association and Kerrville Folk Festival sponsored University Songwriters contest her first semester back in Texas. She then had the opportunity to perform at the legendary Saxon Pub in Austin and on the Threadgill Stage at Kerrville.

If you get a chance, visit her site, listen to her music and get to know her.  And hopefully you'll purchase a copy of her new CD.  As a coach I always tell people that want to support our program that the best way they can do that is to buy a season ticket.  If you want to support a young musician, purchase her music.

You can purchase "Not Afraid To Lose" at CDBaby.comiTunes, Amazon or directly from Casey via email.