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Friday, August 16, 2013


A big thanks to Indiana Associate Head Coach Tim Buckley for passing on some clinic notes to me that I'll post over the next month.  Here are some thoughts form Steve Masiello on what he learned from Rick Pitino:

On Rick Pitino and his philosophy:

Has an incredible ability to change

Have to make the opponent’s talent think. When you combine that with fatigue (fatigue neutralizes talent), you have a chance to win

To his players: it’s not about one practice or one game, it’s a lifestyle and a four year commitment

Used to be 30% defense / 70% offense; today he is 60% defense / 40% offense

Wants to dominate the game without having to score; does not care how much players score.
Cared more about the following statistics:
    --Going to the glass 80% of opportunities
    --Grabbing a rebound every 3 minutes
    --Getting a deflection every 2 minutes

There is no grey area. Know what your job is and do it

Ego is the enemy of greatness

Constantly searched out feedback from everywhere – always wants to know how to get better