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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I took some time this morning to re-read over my notes from Coaching U Live in 2010 and thought I'd share some from Doc Rivers.
Coach‟s ego: Is it about you or about the team?

Beginners are open and experts are closed. When you become an expert, stay opeN

Undererstand Character vs. Characters

You have to protect your team culture.  This battle is waged daily

The little things matter. Doc said Celtics won a game against Cleveland on jump ball.

Make little things important such as the extra pass and closeouts

Build your staff around the team that you want to have...the values that you want represented: loyalty, hard work and disciplined.

Doc sets up staff like a football program: offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator.

Important head coach question: Do you trust the people on your staff?

Give staff room to do their strengths.

You can't ask players to fill roles unless you let your staff fulfill their roles.

Players must buy into your system -- Doc said this was incredibly important to the success of his teams. 

Create a theme/purpose for the season.

Doc took Big 3 on parade route that they would ride for winning the championship. Creates direction and image.

Ask players "Do you want to win? " Most say yes, but only if it‟s comfortable for them.

Fight for your system/culture every day.

Eliminate the S‟s in your program such selfishness, stubborn.

You cannot let a talented player affect your thinking.

Doc talking to players after the draft: "You only have a number for one day. After that, it is all up to you"

If you steal something from someone, make it your own.