Thursday, May 26, 2016


The following are Part I of my notes from Jim Boone's lecture on Pack Line Pressure Defense at last week's TABC Coaching Clinic in San Antonio.  Jim has been a life-long friend and a special member of my coaching circle.  He is absolutely one of the best teachers around and an excellent clinician.

Don Meyer: Write it all down
                    Get all the good ideas but know you can’t use them all
                    Fortune 500 Companies — note takers

Pete Newell: “Basketball is the most over-coached, under-taught game.”

3 anchors of your program
Assureness - take care of the ball
Shot Selection
Team Defense

Why Pack Line
1. Can you beat the best with your defense
2. Does your defense all you to win on the road
    Rick Majerus: "Winning on the road is about the paint."
3. Does your defense improve as the season progresses
4. Does your defense progress in post season

Knight: “You get what your tolerate.”

“Know Your No’s” — non-negotiables
1) No Fast-break Lay-ups
2) No Baseline, Nothing to the Outside
3) No Paint (911)
4) No Direct Drives
5) No Rhythm Threes
6) No Second Shots
7) No Fouls
There must be Consequences if the Ball gets to Paint:
1) Take the Charge Foul - Take the Hit and protect the Basket
2) Block the Shot - Best shot block opportunities come from Help
3) Get a Deflection - Help the Helper - Force the Next Pass
4) Hard Foul, we do not want to foul but we are not giving up lay-ups

Rick Majerus: “Those to whom defense is not important will have the best seat in the game.”