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Friday, October 20, 2017


Thanks to Steve Smiley for pass along these notes with me about six years on Coach Buzz Williams

Success is found in your daily agenda

“The general is the only one that loves the killer.”
Your Head Coach needs the killers
Be a killer!
Be a killer every day
Be ready to grind and work
That must be your mentality if you want to be elite

You will have a lid on your success if you are not willing to sacrifice

What are you doing today?
What are you doing tomorrow?
Have you learned all the steps on your journey?
Or are you just going through the journey and not learning?

What separates you from everyone else?

Question to ask yourself: Can you sign the players on your team now?
You better be able to if you want your Head Coach to hire you as an assistant.

Do what you’re supposed to do, every day.

You conversations are your personal advertisers!
Don’t ever talk down to someone.

Always (ALWAYS) talk UP to people.
Introduce yourself, have confidence, and make an impression.
They are going to form an impression of you anyways, so control that impression!

You have 2 things you can change in your life:
1) The books you read
2) The people you meet

Study those books, and build those relationships!

Study both success and study failures!
At what point did they fail?
Why did they fail?

Walk around like you have a black eye every day!
Be humble

The game is pure inside the lines!
When the ball goes up, you can’t hide.
You better be ready, because the game is coming.

God blesses the intent of our heart.
Be a servant to the staff.