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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The following comes from a book titled "Success Is A Choice" co-authored by Coach Rick Pitino.  Here are his thoughts on the first of his 10 steps.


We cannot minimize the importance of self-esteem. Without it, we become paralyzed. We are unable to move, to go into action.

Extraordinary self-esteem produces extraordinary things.

Much of self-esteem, in fact, is tied to being honest with yourself about whether you deserve victory. Therefore, don’t try to foot the person in the mirror. You’re only wasting time if you do.

When you’re underachieving it’s easy to think everyone else has the secret except you. You look around at successful people and think they have everything going for them.

Underachievers frequently don’t understand their role in things.

Self-esteem comes with a catch, though. We must deserve it. It’s counterproductive to boost someone’s self-esteem when that person doesn’t deserve it.

Here are five key rules for building self-esteem:

1. Help each person see himself or herself as having a significant role, no matter what it might be.

2. Create a significance for the group, whether it’s an organization, a team, or a company.

3. Maintain positive reinforcement for the effort people are giving.

4. Recognize the people who get less attention in the group because they’re not in the glamorous positions.

5. Never forget that it’s imperative to keep people positive, because those who are discontented have the potential to infect others.