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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I wanted to take some time out and make sure our readers up north know about The Hoops U Basketball Coaches Academy being held in Minneapolis on April 26-27, 2013.  Hoops U has an outstanding list of coaches speaking:

Dick Bennett
Retired, former Washington State University, University of Wisconsin, UW-Green Bay head coach

Jack BennettFormer Head Coach UW-Stevens Point, Back-to-Back NCAA DIII National Champions
Topic: 13 Rocks of Coaching to Build a Team and a Program

Jim Boone
Head Basketball Coach, Delta State University
Topic: Pressure Pack Line Defense

Randy BrownFormer Division I NCAA head/assistant coach & owner of
Topic: Five Game Changing Challenges for Coaches

Tim Grosz
Head Basketball Coach, Northwestern College
Topic: Motion Offense

Larry McKenzie
Head Basketball Coach, Academy of Holy Angels
Topic: Building a Championship Basketball Program

I have had the opportunity to hear Dick Bennett speak and he is outstanding. Whether he is talking about his Mover/Blocker Motion Offense, Pack Line Defense or The 5 Intangibles for Team Success, you will leave with great concepts to help improve your team.

Jim Boone is one of my dearest friends in coaching -- someone that I grew up with and coached with in my early days at West Virginia State College.  He is simply one of the best teachers in the game.  I have spoke at his clinics that he regularly conducts and can tell you that he takes great pride in his clinic presentations.  His topic, "Pressure Pack Line Defense" has made him a sought-after clinic speaker.

Click here for more information including how to register:

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