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Thursday, November 7, 2013


“A very important part of my life is teaching.  At some big-time basketball universities, the emphasis is on recruiting: ‘Let’s get a coach who can bring in talent.’  For me, the basic things has to be teaching.”

"Three factors influence your behavior.  One is the way you think about something.  Two is that what you see is affected by the way you think.  And three is that what you see affects what you do.”

“Overemphasizing winning is bad, but singling out winning as the most important thing you do is good, and you should do everything you can to prepare so you can win.  Winning is the only objective measure for a team; all the rest is subjective.”

“A coach’s job is to put his team where it can function effectively and win.  That’s more true with older kids where habits are well established than with younger kids, where the coach has to work on teaching them the fundamentals and how to develop the right habits.  His other main job is to make each player better than the man he is playing against.”
-Pete Carril