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Saturday, November 16, 2013


We all have signs in and around our locker rooms.  It's yet another way for us to develop culture -- with a message.  Here's a story about one of the signs in Nick Saban's locker room at Alabama as reported for by Michael Casagrande.

Nick Saban never misses an opportunity to motivate.

Sayings and quotes are found all over the Alabama football locker room walls. Asked about the famous "never again" signs after the 2010 Iron Bowl, Saban got to talking about his favorite sign and saying.

"Dumb players make dumb decisions. Smart players seldom make dumb decisions. Which are you?

It came from legendary coach Bill Parcells and Saban spoke about it on his weekly radio show Thursday night. It came from an incident when Parcells was a sophomore high school basketball player and he yelled at an official. The technical foul cost his team the game.

Parcells told the story and the quote his coach uttered in a clinic Saban holds every year.
"I said that's going on the wall," Saban said.

Saban said the locker room has a lot of these sayings because he's always looking for a lesson to teach the Tide.