Monday, December 2, 2013


The following comes from "David and Goliath" from Malcolm Gladwell:

"I have so many coaches come in every year to learn the press," Rick Pitino said.  He is now the head basketball coach at the University of Louisville, and Louisville has become the Mecca for all those Davids trying to learn how to beat Goliaths.  "Then they email me.  They tell me they can't do it.  They don't know if their players can last."  Pitino shook his head.  "We practice very day for two hours," he went on.  "The players are moving almost ninety-eight percent of the practice.  We spend very little time talking.  When we make our corrections" -- that is, when Pitino and his coaches stop play to give instructions -- "they are seven-second corrections so that our heart rate never rests.  We are always working."