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Sunday, February 9, 2014


Today is our Breast Cancer Awareness game -- our Play 4Kay game.

In March of 2007 I was serving as the interim head coach for the LSU Lady Tigers in the NCAA Tournament and we had advanced to the Regionals in Fresno, California.  Another of the regional participants was Coach Kay Yow and her North Carolina State team.  I was sitting in my hotel room with my wife and were watching a moving piece on ESPN on Coach Yow and her battle with breast cancer talking about how Coach Yow had actually had a chemo treatment on the team plane from Raleigh, NC to Fresno.  It was very moving and I can remember as if it were yesterday my wife Sherie, with tears in her eyes, saying "She must be an amazing woman."

Three months later Sherie was diagnosed with breast cancer.  When we spoke about the various options, Sherie simply said, "I hope I'm as tough as Coach Yow."

During the 2008 Final Four in Tampa, my wife and I were honored to speak at the inaugural Kay Yow Foundation press conference and for the first time Sherie got to meet her new hero.  I had known Coach Yow for sometime, working her camps.  But I will never forget how she treated Sherie that day -- as if they were old friends.  She gave Sherie confidence and hope in her battle.

When I spoke that day I said the following:

"We often ask ourselves why would God put a particular person through any tough trials and tribulations."  I then looked at Coach Yow and said, "I know why he pick you though.  In this very difficult battle against breast cancer we needed a leader of courage and inspiration.  So many of us thank you the being a light that guides through tough times."

Coach Yow continues to be the light for so many of us and while I often think of her and what she means to so many, I'm thinking a little more about her today.

Thank you Coach Yow!