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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I am careful to recommend things like books, clinics and resources to those who follow me on twitter or read this blog.  I realize that time and money are valuable to us all.  But if you are a coach, I have a resource that is not only outstanding but free.

Brooklyn Kohlheim is an assistant coach at Nova Southeastern University.  She puts out an email blast periodically every few weeks -- AND IT IS OUTSTANDING!!! It includes PDFs of plays and drills, links to great articles and videos.  Doesn't matter what level you coach on, there is something outstanding in each mailing.

There have been numerous things I've gotten from her email newsletter that have helped me improve as a coach as well as something I could use with a player or our team.

And again, it's free!  Just email Coach Kohlheim at and asked to be place on her mailing list.

Coaches, if you do one thing today, sign up for this!  I'll share a few examples of things we've gotten from Coach Kohlheim over the next few days.