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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


After tweeting a picture of Greg Brown's recent book "The Best Things I've Seen In Coaching," I've been flooded with request for information on the book can be purchased.  I certainly understand all the request -- Greg, who worked with both Coach Don Meyer and Coach Pat Summitt has penned a book with a large collection of notes he took during his tenures at Lipscomb and the University of Tennessee.

There are three reasons why you MUST purchase this book:

#1 It will make you a better coach.
There is so much information in these pages about teaching, motivation and organization from two of the best that have ever coached and Greg has done a magnificent job he formulated the book.

#2 It will improve your team.
Within in this book is so much material that you can share with players individually or with your entire team.

#3 The proceeds go to two great charities.
Proceeds from the book will be divided among the Meyer and Summitt Foundations.

For ordering information, click HERE.