Friday, July 10, 2015


I've wrote before about how much I absolutely love Coach Greg Brown's book "The Best Things I've Seen In Coaching."  But I was rereading parts of it this week and thought I'd share some more thoughts about why this book is essential for all coaches on all levels. First, just to get insight into the teaching methods of Coach Don Meyer and Coach Pat Summitt makes is must-have book. Add to the fact that all the proceeds from the book go to charities for the foundations of both Coach Meyer and Coach Summitt and you have something very special indeed.  Ordering information will be at the bottom of the post.

Here is just a portion of what you can find in this book:

A look at the “Cornell Notetaking” system as taught by Coach Don Meyer.
Coach Pat Summitt talking about the components of “The Tennessee Way.”

Greg’s notes (he’s a prolific notetaker) following the Lady Vols games in which Coach Summitt meets with the team.  This includes post game notes from non-conference opponents like UConn as well SEC rivals.

Greg’s notes from John Maxwell as he addresses the Lady Vols.

Coach Summitt’s post-season meetings with players following the 2004 National Championship game.

Coach Summitt’s practice expectations.

Sections with Coach Summitt’s thoughts on responsibility, attitude, discipline, competing and communication.

An absolute great section titled “Put The Team Before Yourself.”

Coach Meyer’s core values: Team Attitude.

A great section with Coach Meyer’s principles in regard to planning and organization.

Coach Meyer’s views on self-improvement and being resilient.

An amazing section on Coach Meyers thoughts about leadership.

Coach Meyer’s formula for building a team and building a program.
For information on ordering "The Best Things I've Seen In Coaching" click here.