Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Coach Ari Fisher whom I worked with on the staff at LSU forwarded me some of his old Coach Don Meyer notes -- from the 1994 Academy.  As Coach Fisher said, "Amazing how this still holds true."

Suck Scum = pay dues, nothing is above you in the program (Wooden sweeping floor himself)  

Know why you coach = ask yourself what it would feel like to be coached by yourself

Ideas= you can’t use every idea; must use what fits within your personality and personal style of play 

Why am I coaching? = must have detailed, specific answer, nothing to do with x’s and o’s (Meyer/help build a foundation for life and how young people should treat others regardless of circumstance)  Listen to older coaches; even if you dislike them or their methods or system of play

Learn from games = NBA, high school, WNBA, D-1, 2, 3, JUCO, NAIA (tape as many games as possible)     

Young coaches problems= transition (defense), zone offense, press offense, rebounding….. 

Wooden = “Love and balance” avoids burnout & shows kids they aren’t tools but are human beings  

Mandatory reading = ‘Make the Big Time Where You are’ by Frosty Westering FB coach at Pacific Lutheran College   

Three golden rules of coaching = preparation, preparation, preparation, 

Reason to help others = because you want to or because it is right; not because it is nice or makes you feel good OR you hope someone does something for you; better to want them to pay it

Confidence = comes from trusting fundamentals, preparation, and knowing everyone else on team has the same feeling- it is done through teaching, practice under game conditions, and attitude of perfection, “demonstrated ability”- Bill Parcells  

Careful what you say = a life can be destroyed in the few seconds something pours out of your mouth.  There aint no rebound button on life.

Over check = ‘check, check, and recheck’.  Expect, Inspect, Accept 

Careful scheduling = must breed or create confidence before league or conference games.  With a good team, do not go overboard so kids will still be fresh and crisp mentally and physically during March 

Ownership = players call out drills, have a phone list for emergencies, communication paramount between players, coaches, and coaches to players      

Concept of how to play = uncomfortable pace, must be able to speed up or slow down equally well

Team building = winning is not enough, developing a team is most important