Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Excellent, defined parameters for good helpside play via Coach Rick Majerus.  These don't have to be your principles but the key is what are your principles of helpside play -- and more importantly, do you players know?

1.       Help Stance

a.       No cuts below you

b.      Jump to ball in stance with vision and talk

c.       One step off line of the ball

d.      If anything, be close to the ball

2.       Help on Baseline Drive

a.       Attack to below the block

b.      Attack outside the lane

3.       Helpside Flash

a.       No one cuts below you

b.      Move on a diagonal to the cutter

c.       Meet at or outside the lane

d.      Maintain ear in the chest

e.      Through you! Stand him up

f.        Deny to the top and force back door

g.       Butt to the ball

4.       Helpside Blockout

a.       Get outside the lane- make the hit

b.      If your man doesn’t go, step at him & rebound down.

5.       Helpside vs. The Lob

a.       Come low and outside of lane-thru you.

b.      Deflection-only if you know you can get it.