Saturday, March 12, 2016


This is the first part of a two-part series on Coach Pat Summitt and her thoughts on competing.  These thoughts come from Coach Greg Brown.  Greg is currently the head coach at Lipscomb University but served on Coach Summitt's staff and recently wrote an outstanding book, "The Best Things I've Seen In Coaching."  The book is a collection of notes, thoughts and observations from working with Coach Summitt as well as Coach Don Meyer.


Competition and being a competitor may be what has always separated the Lady Vols and Pat.

Competing is the vital element of the Lady Vol success because all the teams at the elite level have superior athletic ability and skills, but no team has had the success of the University of Tennessee.

What sets the standard of competition?

Competing against self, not the other team.  The standard isn't just the opponent.  The standard is much higher than any opponent on the schedule.  You want to leave here knowing you competed every possession.

What can you learn from watching players run sprints?

Are they simply trying not to be last?

Are they just trying to finish?

Are they mad because of having to run sprints?

Are they trying to win every sprint?

Are they encouraging others or only thinking of themselves.

This just a small sampling of Greg's observations in regard to competing as it was under Pat Summitt.  This is simply an outstanding book and would encourage anyone in coaching to purchase.  The proceeds from the book go to the foundations of both Pat Summitt and Don Meyer.

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