Wednesday, March 9, 2016


As we await our NCAA tournament assignment, I've taken the opportunity to read a little more than normal.  This morning I was going over some notes from Coach Mike Dunlap.  He had two practice concepts that I thought were outstanding:

Teaching vs. Drilling
Establish a consistent time where you address such things as new material, view, adjustments, etc.  The reason is simple: your practice should have a rhythm to it; players and practices seem to go better when there is a steady flow, much like a drum roll.

Physical vs. Mental
There are certain aspects of practice that should rarely change when considering the physical aspects of practice.  For example, intensity must become a habit.  Without exception, certain times or drills should demand an all out effort (i.e. all drills should some for of competitive spirit - "you lose, you run, etc.").  The mental aspects of practice involves teaching concepts.  Hence, regardless of the drill or situation, players should know the game from your eyes (e.g. pressure release vs. trap, backcourt pressure, cut and replace vs. press.)