Monday, September 19, 2016


I often have people ask me about my mentor Coach Dale Brown, whom I had the privilege of working for 13 years.  Coach has a reputation of getting things done -- massively getting things done. Little projects and big projects. He often seemed to be juggling a multitude of tasks as the same time and always completing them.

When people ask me what "management tool" did he use I always chuckle.  Was it a Franklin-Covey Planner?  Did he use Day-Timer?  What was his system?

Well, here it is:

He always had a yellow legal pad with him.  He would unpack it from his briefcase in the morning and take it with him in the evening when he left.  On it he would write things down that he had to do -- and then he would do them.

I know it sounds simple -- but that's what made it great.  As he completed a task, he would cross it out.  When he was done with a page he'd tear it out.  And repeat.

It's like the story I read this weekend from "Legacy" written by James Kerr:

There's a old story about J. P. Morgan, the banker and philanthropist, who was shown an envelope containing a 'guaranteed formula for success.' He agreed that if he liked the advice written inside he would pay $25,000 for its contents.

Morgan open the envelope, nodded, and paid.

The advice?

1. Every morning write a list of things that need to be done that day.

2. Do them.