Thursday, September 8, 2016


Here are some great thoughts on role players from the book "Toughness" by Jay Bilas:

A great role player and a tough player must determine what he would sacrifice to win. What task is too small? What role is beneath me? Is there anything I am not willing to do for this team to win, or for this team to operate at its highest level? To be a great role player and a tough player, you have to embrace that championship teams are “we” driven and not “me” driven.

Kansas coach Bill Self also assigns players to the roles he expects them to play, but he is careful never to take away or limit their games. He encourages them in what he wants them to do, but he tries to avoid telling them what not to do. “Your role is different from your value,” he said, “and there are so many times that players have to be able to break out of their roles. A role shouldn’t be a limitation.”

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers said, “Every player has to believe his role is the most important role on the team. We cannot win without each player executing his role to the best of his ability.”