Wednesday, June 7, 2017


How do you move up the path?
1. Create a vision
2. Give ownership of that vision way everyday
3. Keep them connected to the vision (hardest thing)
    They have to believe that the vision is what’s best for them.
4. They will have ownership
    If I couldn’t see what works would I be able to hear it at your practice?

What is your language specific to your program?
We are over the top with our terminology being consistent

Coach Williams ask recruits to explain their practice/game to get an idea of their basketball IQ

Only BCS coach without an agent

Has 10 staff members that report directly to him.

Coach Williams is big into researching “I need to score right now plays.”

Reads newspapers of every team on their schedule and certain college football programs where I know the coach.

“Don’t be the coach that says ‘It’s hard to coach this generation of players.’”

Adaption to how you of maturation not to adapt.

“Teams in the post season that succeed are engaged.”

Must measure to have consequences.

Don’t burn your emotional tank on things that aren’t measured.

Not into destination with relation to our path.

“How do you keep your team engaged?”

Chart: Stop-Scores

When ball is penetrated to baseline something should happen.
   Fill (Crack)
   One More (Pro)
   Seal/Space (I Cut)

Coaching is figuring out your why.

Not enough truth tellers.