Thursday, June 1, 2017


The following comes from the TABC Clinic on May 20, 2017

Want to be a blue collar program
     We determine the outcome

We’re going to foul but game will be played on our terms.

Detail & disciplined in the little things.

Don’t get bored with accountability.

Emphasis for us:
     Offensive Rebounds
     Turnovers Forced

“Never bet against consistent behavior.”

Never lost 3 games in a row.

What we’re about — ACT the right way

“Chance favors the aggressor.” — only sign in locker room

We teach team attitude and mindset everyday.

Meets individually with each player for 10 minutes weekly — no basketball.

Write a note to someone who has helped you but you haven’t talked to in 3-5 years.

What we emphasize…
     1. No fast break lay-up
     2. No paint touches
     3. No middle
           Influence baseline
     4. No rhythm 3’s
          No ballside 3’s
     5. No straight line drives
     6. No 2nd chance points

Don’t do defensive rebounding drills — demands two-handed, two-footed rebounds

Offensive Rebounding — Must do one of these four on 80% of the opportunities:
     1. Swim
     2. Rip
     3. Spin
     4. Pin

Need steals and turnovers to overcome defensive rebounding.

Takes all 5 defenders:
     1. Vision
          1/3 up the line
     2. Communication
          “Talk to the ball”
          “Talking makes us quicker”
     3. Active
          Always adjust your position.
          “If you’re standing, you’re in the wrong place.”
     4. Off Ball
          Box taped at top of the key — deny zone
     5. Terminology
          Staff created an app for the team — got the idea from the Phoenix Suns

Staff created an app for their team -- got idea from Phoenix Suns
     1. Team’s terminology
     2. 3 Best games that individual has played
     3. Highlight video of team
     4. Highlights of their favorite NBA player

Things That Require Daily Maintenance
     1. Conversion Defense
     2. Pressure
          Want offense to turn back to defender or hold ball above head
     3. Closeout
          Play 3’s and Drivers
     4. Post Defense
          Pressure teams can’t play behind
     5. Blockout
          Hit - Find - Get

Conversion Defense Priorities
     Basket - Ball - Ballside
     Sprinting - Straightlines
     Build out
     No Easies: Zero Lay-ups

Loves to start practice w/conversion defense drills to emphasis and get into their conditioning early.

Rat Race Drill: Continual 3/2
     Everything they do has a winner and loser

4/2 Continuous Drill: Our 4/4/4

Pressure Ball
     1. Make ball handler uncomfortable
          Above head or turn back
     2. It starts with closeouts
          Run them off the 3-point line
     3. High hands
          Trace—guard 2 dribbles
     4. Quick twitch
     5. No Middle
     6. Flatten the ball
          4/3 Contest (SMU Drill)
          Offense 3 passes, 1 Dribble
          3 Straight Stops

     1. Can’t be late — move on airtime
     2. Can’t be short — take away the 3 
          (Coach Wade: “3’s get you beat”)
     3. Principles—Low, chop feet

Post Defense
     1. Front
          Knock ‘em back
          High hands
     2. Early and big
     3. Wall up
          Square ‘em up
     4. Two areas
          Post box and perimeter
          Know where to fight

“Whether you say you can or can’t you’re right.”

We don’t trap post because of 3 point philosophy.

We don’t believe 2’s will beat you.

Exception: Will trap post with poor passing skills to create turnovers

“Hamer” = forearm

“Punch thru” = swim to fronting position

Low man wins in the post

4/1 post feed drill: Offensive post don’t always flash — “hold the real estate”

     1. Emphasize every day
     2. Drill must finish with a clean rebound
     3. Make first contact — take away initial step

The Sandbag
     After 10 Turnovers
     Missed Blockout 
     Sprinting the Floor
     Court Balance

Has 10 balloons tacked to a board each day at practice...each turnover a manager pops a balloon...when all the balloons are gone they run.

Assigns an assistant coach to something specific…
     Head Coach of Turnovers
     Head Coach of Offensive Boards
     This is what they coach at practice in all drills

Game Standards
(Goal is to meet 3 of the 5 each game)
     1. 5 or more Turkeys (3 straight stops) 
          were 21-4 when they met this one standard
     2. 12 or less turnovers
     3. 40% of offensive rebounding opportunities
     4. 5 or less miscommunications
     5. Changes per team they play — often about 3 point defense

Ball screen defense — no switch, fight thru