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Sunday, June 14, 2009


A lot of coaches profess to care about their student-athletes on an individual basis. They all talk about doing what is in the best interest of their players. LSU Head Football Coach Les Miles talks about it as well...and he walks the walk!

Two of his starters look for opportunities to shine in sports other than football and Coach Miles gave them their blessing. The result?

Jarred Mitchell, a receiving on our football team turned in a great season on the baseball diamond and is currently playing in the college world series where he is looking for a National Championship to match the one he's already receiving playing for Coach Miles on the football field. But the effect goes well beyond that as Jarred was taken in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft last week.

Speedy tailback Trindon Holiday missed out on spring practice as well to compete with the LSU track team where this weekend he finished first, winning his first career NCAA title in the 100-meter dash on Friday night, while also anchored the Tigers to an NCAA runner-up finish in the 4x100-meter relay.

No doubt Coach Miles and his staff would have loved to have both of these talented athletes in spring practice, but Coach Miles sees the big picture -- not just on the team level but in the dreams of each of his players.

Benefits? There's a reason the coaches in other sports respect him...there's a reason his players play hard for him -- they know he cares.