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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The following comes from "Dale Brown's Basketball Coaches Organizational Handbook."  I can't imagine a coach in the business that wouldn't benefit from this book.  Coach Brown covers a wide range of topics including Managers' Duties and Guidelines, Team Meetings, Motivation,  Practice Organization, Scouting, Road Trips, Game Management, Media Relations, Recruiting, Summer Basketball Camp Organization and much more. 

Here is but a small sample on his thoughts regarding team meetings:

Today's student-athletes have great demands on their time each day and coaches must do their very best to organize the team's basketball responsibilities in such a way that no time is wasted.  Proper time management is imperative. 

Above all, you should always carefully plan and prepare for each team meeting.  Many teams meet too often or their meetings are too long.  You must know what your priorities are for your meetings and use the time efficiently and effectively.  Every team has different concentration spans and you must prepare for this when speaking to your group.

In fact, you should approach your team meeting just like you would a practice.  Like most coaches, you probably spend more time putting together a day's practice as you did in actually executing that practice.  You could easily say the same for your team meetings.

First and foremost, understand the needs of your particular team.  Each year brings a new cast of characters to your team, and while some things will always be important, there will always be varying degrees of importance depending upon your team.  Proper preparation will always do a great deal in helping you get your points across to your staff and players.  Again using practice as an example, if you are unprepared, the first ones to recognize this will be your team and you will quickly lose them.