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Friday, October 12, 2012


Occasionally, let the players draw up their own plays:

They run these plays harder and execute at a fairly high level.

Good practice for the players and gets them thinking.

Do not be scared to run a play that your players have never seen.

Run a play out of timeout that is a wrinkle of your normal offense and your players will be able to execute it.

Don’t run plays that have the potential to turn in to turnovers.

Random offense is the early offense - No rules.

Bigs have to set picks continually within the offense.

If you are ahead of the ball as a big then you can run to the post.

If you are behind the ball, then you have to find the ball and go get a screen.

You have to run into the picks.

Sprint from pick-to-pick.

Eventually, you can incorporate the bigs setting screens off the ball (eg. Garnett setting screens for Ray Allen in the Celtics offense).

Do not dance with the ball, over-dribbling for 10-15 seconds. Turn the corner and attack the basket.

Don’t be afraid of changing a player’s game for the good of the team, even if that player is a star.

Instead of attacking weaknesses, you attack strengths over and over again