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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is our 8th installment from Billy Packer's book "Why We Win" in which he ask coaches of all sports for insight on their philosophy.
Talk about your philosophy.
Bob Knight: I’m not sure that we’re all capable of developing a philosophy of life or a philosophy of leadership or coaching or anything else.  I think that whatever our game is, I think we have to understand how the game can best be played.  And to me, that goes one step further.  How it can best be played by whatever the rules of the game know, Pete Carril made a great statement.  He the older he got, the less tolerant he was.
Joe Gibbs: If you don’t have convictions you’re in trouble because, believe me, you’re going to be tested.  You’re going to be tested in the front office.  You’re going to be tested by loses.
Joe Paterno: We’ve tried to be selective in the people we recruit based on the fact that we’re looking for character, people who are going to be with us four, five years.  We’re looking for kids that we think have a chance to graduate, and will respond to what we feel Penn State expects of them, and vice versa.
Dean Smith: We have a philosophy of how to play.  Now, there’s different ways to go about it, but to play together, to play hard.  I mean you always insist on effort.  And then, to be a smart team.  To be prepared for situations.  With five minutes to go, be prepared for that.  What to do when you’re down and in the catch-up game, or when you’re ahead, what to do to keep the lead.


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