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Thursday, May 23, 2013


The following is written by Hall of Fame volleyball coach Marv Dunnphy for the book, "The Greatest Coach Ever."

One day I asked Coach Wooden about discipline.  I was curious as to how this legendary coach took care of problems both on and off the court.  What he said has stuck with me ever since: "I never wanted to bruise the dignity of the one who was being disciplined."  I wonder how many coaches, parents and teachers or leaders today can say that they live by that philosophy.

Coach Wooden emphasized that individuals never loose the desired to be treated as individuals.  He was great at understanding each player and using the proper mode of correction for each one based on his or her personality.  This idea is something that I have tried to implement in my coaching over time.

He also taught me that how you say no as a parent, teacher or coach is much more important that how you say yes.  It's easy to say yes, but the way you tell someone 'no' can set the tone for the rest of the relationship.  Coach Wooden never wavered when it was time to administer discipline, but he did it with respect.