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Thursday, January 29, 2015


The following comes from "Winning Defense" by Del Harris.  The absolute best coaches leave nothing to chance.  They are extremely intentional in all phases of play.  Coach Harris shows thought and strategy in the utilization of the fouls.  We work hard to defend without fouling and constantly talk to our team about this through practice and video footage.  I love how Coach Harris uses the term "Foul for Profit" -- it gives value to the possession and how you utilize a foul or waste one:

“Foul for Profit” Instead of Wasting Fouls
Fouling is not against the rules, as such. Fouling is included as part of the rules. Like any rule, whether it is a tax law, civil law, or basketball law, the smarter individuals will find ways to make the rules work for them to their most advantageous way.

The point is that each player is given a certain number of fouls to use per game. They can be wasted on non-profit items such as reaching/grabbing in the backcourt instead of containing; grabbing or reaching around behind a driver in the front court instead of moving one’s feet; fouling a jump shooter after he has already released the ball; softly touching a layup or postup shooter to give him a good opportunity to score a three-point play, changing in an out-of-control drive, etc.

A player who “fouls for profit” is one who uses his first two or three fouls in the first three quarters of a game to prevent easy scores. He does not allow an easy layup or a put-back on an offensive rebound. He fouls with enough force to guarantee that the “easy basket” is not made.