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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The following comes from an article written by Jim Afremow for a few months back.  Afremow is also the author of an outstanding book, "The Champion's Mind."

In addition to being a master recruiter, Coach Cal is a student of sports psychology. He understands the importance of discussing the mental game with his players as much as he covers the physical game.

“It all comes back to having the right mindset,” he said. Here are three quotes that Coach Cal shares with his players to help them play with the mind of a champion:

— “Through it all, you have to stay positive.” That is, stay on a positive track rather than tracking the negative. When adversity strikes, and it always does, champions strike back instead of giving up.

— “Play through the mistakes instead of letting go of the rope and losing your mind.” In other words, have selective amnesia. Champions understand that the next possession is always more important than the last turnover or missed shot.

— “You’ve got to keep that ‘what if we win, what if we lose’ clear out of your mind.” The key is to focus on the action steps that lead to victory rather than that the victory itself. Champions trust the process to deliver the desired results.