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Saturday, January 10, 2015


While the head coach at the University of Florida, Urban Meyer had what he titled the "Plan to Win."  It was, as described author Buddy Martin in his book "Urban's Way" as follows:

There's a blueprint of success for the Gators, and it's all right there on Urban's virtual stone tablets.  The life of Urban Meyer is metered out on the expanded version of a day planner, parts of which are given to all coaches and players.  Tucked inside the 129-page document is the Plan to Win.  It's only one page.  While Meyer will admit to changing or tweaking his offense, or even learning to listen, and growing as a coach, Urban's organizational philosophy is the same as it was yesterday -- and will be tomorrow.

The four main staples of Urban's mandate for success and his organizational schematic -- his bible of football coaching -- are:

1. Play great defense
2. Turnovers (all coaches are required to teach ball security the same way)
3. Score in the red zone
4. Win the kicking game

Included in the 129-page manual is a set of core values for players:

1. Honesty
2. Respect women
3. No drugs
4. No stealing
5. No weapons

Also included are the guides on how assistant coaches should coach.  The magic potion is simply "Do your job."  That includes the following for coaches:

1. Take care of your family and your health.
2. Take care of your players (academic, social, spiritual, family).
3. Be an expert at your position and excel as a teacher.
4. Recruit every day (expect to sign two to three players per year).
5. Be passionate about coaching and football.