Tuesday, May 5, 2015


"I don’t have a “system” that we run year after year at Kentucky. I’m not that guy walking around the rail yard, inspecting the machinery retreating into the office to look at spread sheets. Yep, everything is in working order. We’re leaving and arriving at the right times. It all looks good. The system is just how I want it. I’m all about the passengers, the people inside. What’s it like for them? We’re not a team that always runs the motion offense or the high-low offense. We don’t full-court press on every possession, and we don’t play zone defense all of the time or none of the time. We do what fits the players we have. Sometimes, I think a system is an extension of a coach’s ego—you know, like, This is what we have to do, no matter whom we’ve got, because I invented it and I perfected it."

John Calipari from "Players First: Coaching From The Inside Out"