Monday, June 1, 2015


Here is a series of blogs that we posted in the past to help coaches maximize the off-season:

John Maxwell on Making the Most of Your Off-Season
Everyone that follows our blog knows how much we admire and respect John Maxwell.  Here are five areas he says for us to work on between seasons.

Rick Majerus Concepts of Summer Pick Up Games
A great set of guidelines for Coach Majerus who was obviously dedicating his team's off-season to pressuring the ball and the passing lanes.  The key question is what guidelines have you gave your team to help develop in the areas that important to you.

Individual Ball Handling Drills from Coach Don Meyer
No better teacher in the game than Coach Meyer.  Here is one of our blog posts that includes a video of some of Coach Meyer's players executing some of his dribbling maneuvers.

The Advantages of Individual Workouts
Here is a short post with some great concepts from another great teacher -- Bill Walsh.

Morgan Wooten: Post Season Evaluations
The ability to take a reflective look back on the season and be able to decide what needs to be adjusted is a key to growth. Here is a good checklist from one of the greats in our business.

Muffet McGraw on Players Expanding their Roles in the Off-Season
Several excellent excerpts from a book written by Coach McGraw on how she motivates players through the off-season with the goal of expanding their roles through work and development.

Aggie Summer Pick Up Guidelines
Here is our list of summer pick up guidelines that we go over and give to our team.

Off-Season Shooting Program
This post has some good guidelines for how to operate a summer shooting program as well as a good video of a shooting drill by J.J. Reddick .

Creative Strength & Conditioning
Good stuff here from the Florida men's basketball program.  Strength and conditioning in the summer is difficult -- it has to be for gains.  But it can be made enjoyable for competitive athletes.  There's a video attached of some of the stuff done at Florida.