Monday, June 8, 2015


I thought this would be appropriate since it is "Meyer Monday" and we are all in the beginning phases of running/attending summer camps.

The following is the camp philosophy utilized by Coach Don Meyer and his staff to run one of the greatest camps in the sport of basketball. Coach Meyer's camps went beyond the mas-sive numbers they accumulated each summer but also impacted the institution where they were located. Elite coaches would travel the country to watch Coach Meyer teach and oper-ate his basketball camps. The philosophy is simple but imagine if you change the word "campers" to "student-athletes" the impact it would have on your basketball program.

1. Our campers come first.

2. We will give our campers and their needs our highest priority.

3. We treat campers and each other as we wish to be treated.

4. We provide excellence in teaching basketball to all of our campers.

5. We continue to evaluate and improve our efforts.

6. We will take personal responsibility for finding or creating a solution to any problem or complaint that a camper or family member may have.

7. We will do our part to ensure the success of the Wolves Basketball Camp.