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Monday, November 30, 2009


Video is a big part of the teaching environment at LSU. We obviously video our games as well as every practice. We utilize video in scouting opponents and use motivational videos. Here are some various thoughts as to how we do it.

1. We watch video nearly every day.
We may watch before practice. We may watch after practice. At times we have done both. On a long practice, we might watch video in the middle of practice to take a break and learn at the same time.

2. We watch short spurts of video.
We rarely have more than 10-15 minutes of video to show our team. Even when watching video of a game we played the night before, we won't watch more than 20 minutes. Their attention span won't allow them to concentrate long enough for it to be effective. We might watch 10 to 15 minutes of our offense before practice and maybe watch our defensive clips afterwards or the next day.

3. We will ask our players questions during video.
We might stop the clip and ask our players "is everyone positioned properly?" In regard to our motion, we might freeze the video and ask a player "what are your options right now?" Asking them questions gets them involved and keeps them alert.

4. We chapter our video clips.
For instance, we will watch all our transition offensive clips in one segment. Then we will watch our motion offense clips in one segment. We think by "chaptering" we can really concentrate on one phase with our team and increase their retention. We do the same thing with our scouting video.

5. Utilize balance.
After a well played game we will obviously view clips of us executing well. But we will go out of our way to make sure we have clips of areas that fell short of what we wanted to let our team know that we still have room to improve. The same holds true when we play poorly and there are a lot of clips of our mistakes. We still want to make sure they see some good clips.

6. Utilize example video clips.
We have used clips from teams other than our current ones to show our team what we want. We have used video of past teams playing at a high level to show defensive and offensive clips. Several years ago, we put together a clip tape of the men's team at Texas Tech running Triangle Motion to show our players the type of spacing and screening/cutting combinations that we would like for them to use.