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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In 2008, Pat Williams, the GM of the Orlando Magic and a tremendous motivational speaker put out a book, "The Ultimate Coaches' Clinic." It is a fascinating book because of the style Pat utilized. He surveyed over 1000 coaches and administrators for insights to what is important to successfully do their job. From time to time I will share a few but it is a great book to own and I highly recommend it. Here are some thoughts from George Halas (Former Chicago Bears Head Coach):

Each player is an individual and must be treated accordingly. Sometimes that turns one man on and will turn another off. You must sense what makes a person go.

The strength and character of the personnel determines the strength and success of the team.

The team that has the greatest desire to win will win if the two teams are evenly matched.

Usually the desire comes from a certain amount of pride in excelling in playing the game.

Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.

At least 80 percent of the success of the football team is determined by the fight and spirit that they put into their play.

Every player should know every play precisely, exactly, immediately, and without the slightest doubt as to how it should be executed.

Before it is possible to achieve anything, an objective must be set. You need a purpose, an objective toward which to work. You can achieve only that which you will do.

Every organization must have leadership in the area of captains, players, and coaches.What makes a good coach? Complete dedication.