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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Never be held hostage: when you become a head coach, you want to be successful, don’t play a guy who will not do the things you preach and believe in as a coach. Sit down any player who has his own agenda and does not play with the team.

1. As a young head coach, hire an older, former head coach who knows a lot of the issues.

2. To African-American assistant coaches: don’t simply be a recruiter, don’t let a coach not let you fulfill the full duties of coaching.

3. Players will play their hardest for a coach who develops the best player-coach relationships.

4. Head coaches should show up to practice at least half an hour earlier and just mess around with a few players to get to know them better. Ask them about their life and make them feel comfortable.

5. If you can’t go to practice every day and enjoy seeing your team and have fun coaching, then you should not be coaching. Enjoy your players.