Friday, December 4, 2009


To have a kid who thinks, and who asks you good questions that make you think as a coach, that kid is an invaluable player.

There are three things that are really important in playing against any type zone. The first of these three things is the dribble.

Let me mention passing for a second. The cross-court pass is not a pass the zone is really set to cover.

We spend much time preparing against a zone, working three people against four.

Let’s talk about passing against a zone. The most important thing is the pass fake.

The last thing is that when we throw the ball inside, let’s use the bounce pass.

Another thing that we try to do in ball reversal is reverse the ball to three people. That’s when we will dribble it off the top. If we only reverse it to two people, we don’t have enough options. Bring the zone one way, reverse the ball and make the zone recover.