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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In 2008, Pat Williams, the GM of the Orlando Magic and a tremendous motivational speaker put out a book, "The Ultimate Coaches' Clinic." It is a fascinating book because of the style Pat utilized. He surveyed over 1000 coaches and administrators for insights to what is important to successfully do their job. From time to time I will share a few but it is a great book to own and I highly recommend it. Here are some thoughts from Tommy Lasorda (Former Los Angeles Dodgers):

Einstein once said that an ounce of loyalty is worth more than a pound of knowledge. I believe that. Give me loyal people and I’ll beat you. I think loyalty is very, very important in our lives.

A guy asked me one time, what are the number one qualities that a manager or a leader should have? It was very difficult to put it down into a certain category. But I went to church and I heard the priest give a sermon. He talked about Solomon, who was the paragon of truth, and he was pleasing to the Lord. And the Lord said to Solomon, “I want to give you anything you want.” And Solomon said, “The greatest gift that you can give me, Lord, is an understanding heart.” And I think that’s what every manager or coach needs, and understanding heart, because when a player doesn’t do well, the manager or coach has got to understand how that player feels. That player probably feels worse than anybody, and that manager or coach has to understand that.

When we lose, the most important things is that when I walk into the clubhouse the nest day, no matter how dejected or tired or depressed I might be, I have to put on a new face. I have to put on a winning face. I have to put on an enthusiastic face. I’ve got to put on a self-confident face, because if I walk into the clubhouse dejected, tired, and depressed, the attitude and the atmosphere of the clubhouse and the club is going to be that way. But if I go in with enthusiasm and self-confidence, all of those things are contagious, and I can help spread them.