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Thursday, July 19, 2012


When I coached at Maine, we created a program called "Choice Not Chance," which stemmed from a philosophy that I thoroughly believe in and endorse.  My mantra is simple: "Choice, not chance, determines destiny.  Choose to become a champion in life."

I came up with five components of the philosophy that grew out of that quote:

1. Choices dictate life's opportunities, so make choices with great care.

2. You "little choices" do matter. You must commit daily to seeking out the right choices for yourself, and operate according to a belief system that all of your choices do matter.

3. It is crucial to practice "right thinking," which means to "think deeply, think clearly, and allow yourself to feel deeply." All of those are part of the process of making reasonable choices.

4. Keep your power.  Recognize that you are in control, and continue to develop your "power" further.  Incorporate a mind-set to "stay in the moment" to fortify self-determination an your power to perform.

5. "If it's mean to be, it's up to me." Always remain focused, and embrace reason over emotion at all costs.

From "Choice Not Chance" by Joanne P. McCallie