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Saturday, July 21, 2012


The following is a list of defensive goals from Kevin Stallings via Mike Neighbors email newsletter:

1. Stop all penetrations

2. Keep the ball out of the post

3. Eliminate all dumb and lazy fouls

4. Do not allow any uncontested shots- get a hand in their face

5. Box out, rebound it and finish the play (get an outlet to finish your defensive work)

6. High hands on all closeouts

7. Jump to the ball on every ball movement

8. Get into the gaps- show the dribbler that they cannot come here. The slower the defender the closer to the ball they need to be.

9. Help and Recover- try to eliminate the help part of help and recover by getting far enough into the gap that the dribbler should not want to go there, but if they do, the defender should not have to move to help, he should already be there. The defender should only have to move in one direction and that is to recover, as he should not have to move to help by playing proper position.

10. Do not allow the offense to feed the post from above the foul line.