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Monday, July 2, 2012


The following comes from "Finding The Winning Edge" by Bill Walsh -- quite possibly one of the best coaching resource book ever written:

A team should do everything possible to ensure that the skills and talents of each player on its roster are developed, refined, and utilized in an appropriate way. A team’s players are obviously the core building blocks (i.e., human capital) for a successful organization. One of the best investments a team can make in those “building blocks” is to establish a systematic plan to train and develop its players to their fullest potential.

The essence of such a plan is to create an environment where meaningful learning can offur.

The progress of each player should be measured. All instructive procedures and programs should be reevaluated and changed, as appropriate. Constructive feedback and encouragement should be provided to each player.

“There is no greater waste of a resource
than that of unrealized talent.”
–Theodore Roosevelt