Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I took a few minutes this morning to review 7 pages of notes that I took from Jon Gordon's message that he shared with us at Coaching U Live this summer.  I will share a few of the points that really grabbed me but I would also take this time to share with you three things that can help you as a coach:

1. Read Jon's books -- they have profound messages that will help you as a coach, a person as well as help your team.

2. Don't miss an opportunity to hear Jon speaks -- he speaks the way he writes: inspiring!

3. Make sure you attend Coaching U Live next year -- it is an amazing growing experience for you as a coach.

Some thoughts from Jon:

Always strive to be better.  And he shared the story of being at a seminar where Zig Ziglar was the headline speaker only to see him in the audience while others spoke.  Zig, at the age of 82 (at that time), and one of the true masters in his profession, was taking notes -- he was still looking to learn.

Past success does not determine future success.

My favorite from his talk: "Would you want to be coached by you?"

He quoted Kevin McHale: "Outwork your talents."

Culture drives behavior.
Behavior drives habits.
Habits drives strategy.

It's never to late to start creating a culture but it is always better to start in the beginning.

Being positive can be hard work.

My second favorite from his talk: "Every player brings a story with them.  It is our job to know that story."

You must win in the locker room before you can win on the court.

As I said, these are just a few of my 7 pages of notes...thanks Jon Gordon -- thanks Coach U Live!