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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was going through some old practice stuff this morning and came across and thought basketball coaches out there might enjoy it or get some benefit from it as we head into the fall.  The idea of the Master Practice Plan came to me from my college days taking a basketball coaching class at Marshall University from the late Stu Aberdeen.  Coach Aberdeen shared The Herd's Master Practice Plan with us and it left a mark with me as something I would want to do when I started coaching.  The one attached here actually comes from my LSU days.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

Each year, our staff takes some time to look at our team and what we feel we need to do to be successful. Our program has a system of play and we rarely deviate from that system. However, we do add wrinkles each year based upon the make-up of our team and the schedule we play.

One of the best organizational tools we have developed is the Master Practice Plan. We print it on card stock, front and back.

On the front side is our master list of everything we want to put in with our team. It is very detailed in all facets of the game. Under offense, we include our man-to-man offense, our zone attack, transition, and press offense. On the defensive side, we have transition defense, man-to-man defense, zone defense and our pressing system. A third category covers all of our special situations.

On the back sheet is a calendar that generally takes us through the first seven weeks of our season. It lists when and where we practice, and most importantly, the objective for the day in terms of installing our system. Everything listed on the front page is now placed strategically on the calendar to insure that we get in everything in a timely fashion. This is not to say that we never veer from this calendar but it certainly is a great tool for keeping us organized.