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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The organization and development of a competent coaching staff is absolutely the most important part of your basketball program.  The core requirement for hiring the people who comprise the staff is that they must understand and accept the philosophy of the program as set forth by the head coach.  Some individuals in the profession will argue that players are the most important aspect of a program, and, indirectly, their conclusions would be correct.  competent coaches, however, are the facilitating agents whose efforts turn a player's performance potential to reality.  At a minimum, coaches are in essence teachers.  Not only do they teach players the fundamentals and basic techniques that are essential to sound play, they also teach team members how to be a viable part of a larger unity -- the team.  Furthermore, on the college level, the entire staff is responsible for the recruitment of those players -- the better the staff, the better recruiting.

From "Dale Brown's Basketball Organization Handbook" by Dale Brown