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Friday, August 31, 2012


Here's a couple of great thoughts I got from Lawrence Frank at Coaching U Live this summer in Washington D.C.  Granted I had over 20 pages of notes from his two sessions but here are just a few that I'll share.  I don't mean to be redundant, but if you can at all possibly swing it, find your way to Coaching U Live next summer!

As a process oriented coach, I loved this thought:

"Don't let the wins and losses get in your eyes."

"We will be at our best when times are at their worst because of our habits, attitude and chemistry."

In regard to your philosophy and system of play:

"It not enough to verbalize.  Put it in writing -- be transparent."

"Everyone has problems.  Who's causing them and how do you handle it."

"What are your regard to your culture."

In regard to roles:

"If you can add value, they will listen."

"It is not enough for a player know his role...he must buy in."

Coach Franks also said this about roles:
     1. Entire team must know every one's roles
     2. 5 things -- 1st is always defense
     3. Laminated in their lockers