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Monday, November 19, 2012


After a difficult loss yesterday -- along with a difficult start to our season, our team will see this passout in the locker when they come to practice today.  Of course, it is equally important for us as coaches to also display the necessary energy and persistence needed during tough times during a long basketball season.  Energy and persistence must be visuals for all to see and feel.

I'm very excited to get to practice today.  It is on days like this that I am reminded of my time working with Dale Brown.  After a difficult loss, Coach Brown would come in the office like the Tasmanian devil.  He would go to each coaches office, hug us and tell us he loved us and then ask us, "Are you ready to climb back up this mountain with me?"

You've heard of energy vampires via Jon Gordon's book the "Energy Bus."  Energy vampires suck the enthusiasm out of you.  Coach Brown was like a gas pump putting high-octane fuel in your engine except he brought the gas to your car.