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Sunday, December 2, 2012


There was an outstanding article written on Coach Rick Majerus by By Gene Wojciechowski.  Here is one of the quotes from the article: "He also loved practices more than games. Academic All-Americans more than Associated Press All-Americans. Sheboygan, Wis., boyhood friends more than big-money boosters." The article is extremely well written -- read it in it's entirety here:

Academics are obviously important as you can see in these notes from Utah's first team meeting on August 25, 1999:

Most important thing — get an education!
  Get assistance
Go to class prepared — be a student

Get tutors — better early than late

Set goals high academically

Take care of it — every day

If you miss a class you are suspended for a game

It is an honor and a privilege to get an education

Majerus also spoke to the team about the choices away from basketball:

Be careful who your friends are...they can help or drag you down

You test positive and you are done for the year -- we will get you help

Your actions have consequences...lives involved in pregnancy...choose your girlfriends carefully.