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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


In late August of 1999, Coach Majerus met with his staff to review philosophical components of what they wanted to are just a few of the many notes of those meetings that lasted over three days:

DAY #1:

1. Technique is the key -- habits -- give yourself a chance to succeed
2. Talking/Communication -- best in the country
3. Attacking/Committed - defense
4. Be physical -- be smart -- no fouls -- make the first hit
5. Blockout/Loose balls
6. Force opponent to make an extra play or pass

Team Defense:
"I'll get my man and your too if you need help."

Four times Straight Arm:
1. Contest shot
2. Denial
3. "White" = full front post
4. Dead Ball

Back Dribble: "We never attack it.  Stay in our stances and get lower and wider."

Attack Penetration -- to the ball not sideways
1. High active hands -- make them throw a bounce pass
2. Low stance
3. Verbal/Talk
4. Take the charge -- jump back up (teammates help up)
5. Recover to your man

Try not to switch, only if it makes us stronger.

Denial Stance -- Be Back Doored
1. Point the front toe
2. Always maintain your vision over your shoulder
3. Outside arm up, straight and active.  Thumb must be be above your eyes
4. Inside are is bent with a closed fist to feel the offense
5. Butt to the ball
6. Ear in the chest

Conversion Defense -- Defense starts when we shoot
Goal: to get 5 guys to defend, not just run with your guy
1. No lay-ups
2. No catch and shoot jump shots
3. No penetration
4. 1st 3 steps are vital, look over inside shoulder at half line to find ball

Conversion Responsibilities:
1. Hole -- usually 2-man but our line up determines this...get to the basket, lane line on ball side, then closeout to your man -- for the team.
2. Driving Line - Be aggressive....get the ball out of the middle of the floor...get it to the sideline and keep it on the sideline...hands active but be quick.
3. 1st the center of the floor/talk and take over the Hole...get your work done and give the first hit...3/4 to paint catches.
4. 3 back to the other lane line and look to help
5. 2nd Big...get to the level of the ball...shadow half line and top of the key